New Cochrane Library App

The Cochrane Library App presents the latest up-to-date evidence from the Cochrane Library in a convenient, easy to navigate format that provides you with relevant, accessible research, when you need it.

  • Monthly issues  with a handpicked selection of Cochrane Systematic Reviews, specifically chosen by the Editor-in-chief. These abridged Cochrane Reviews provide the best possible tablet and phone reading experience and are downloadable for offline reading.
  • The Bookmark feature, which allows you to create your own special collection of Cochrane Reviews across issues.
  • Additionally, the title page for every review includes a link to the full version of the review available in the Cochrane Library.

The access to the Cochrane Library from Switzerland  is FREE thanks to funding from SAMS and the Federal Office of Public Health plus other supporting institutions

Download the app now from iTunes (iPad and iPhone) or GooglePlay (Android)