Was soll in der COVID-19 Forschung gemessen werden?

In nächster Zeit werden sehr viele Forschungsprojekte und Studien zu COVID-19 anlaufen. Ein internationales Team hat eine Umfrage gestartet, um herauszufinden welche sogenannten Endpunkte (Outcomes) in zukünftigen klinischen Studien zu COVID-19 vorrangig untersucht werden sollen. Die Umfrage richtet sich an alle interessierten Personen, besonders solche mit vermutetem oder bestätigtem COVID-19 und deren Familienmitglieder. Sie beinhaltet zwei Runden von jeweils etwa 10 Minuten. Die Umfrage wird anonym durchgeführt und ist in einfacher englischer Sprache. Die Teilnehmenden erhalten nach der zweiten Runde per Mail die Ergebnisse. 

Hier geht’s zur Teilnahme:  https://www.covid-19-cos.org/get-involved

Lesen Sie dazu die Information des Cochrane Consumer Networks:

Dear Consumer Network member,

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, much research is underway to inform the care of people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. The organisations and individuals listed below urgently need to know what outcomes are important to people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, their family members, community members and health professionals. Your input will help them to rapidly develop a “core outcome set” in COVID-19. This is a list of outcomes (which are the impacts of COVID-19 or its treatment on patients) that should be reported, as a minimum, in all clinical trials in COVID-19. This will ensure that research and clinical guidelines address outcomes that are meaningful and important. This study will involve completion of two short survey rounds (10 minutes) in order to try and reach agreement among the group. You will be asked to give your opinion on the importance of 25 outcomes for people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. The survey is anonymous, and anyone can participate. Round 1 is planned to close 10th April 2020 and all participants who complete the survey will receive a copy of the results.


Thank you so much for your participation. Once you have completed the survey please feel free to forward this email to others who you think may be interested.

Sent on behalf of the COVID-19-COS Steering Committee| Jonathan Craig, Julian Elliott, Pedro Póvoa, John Marshall, Steve Webb, Sally Crowe, Paula Williamson, Lilia Cervantes, Tom Snelling, Yasser Sakr, Andrew Conway Morris, Ivor Douglas, Antoni Torres, Saad Nseir, Peter Horby, Luciano Azevedo, Sangeeta Mehta, Jaehee Lee, Derek Chew, Andrew Bersten, Alan Smyth, Anne McKenzie, Ella Flemyng, Tari Turner, Armando Teixeira-Pinto, Martin Howell, Allison Tong

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