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Our strength is in our people — an independent and highly respected global network that links the world of research with the reality of making informed health decisions.

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Getting involved does not require formal qualifications. Many of Cochrane's contributors work in research or healthcare institutions, but many others get involved simply because they are interested in a particular area of health, or in Cochrane's work generally. Some people work on Cochrane projects during working hours, others in their spare time, in workplaces or at home. Cochrane contributors come from everywhere. Everyone can get involved and everyone benefits.

Help prepare a Cochrane Review

If you have an idea for a new systematic review of an intervention or diagnostic test, you should contact the relevant Cochrane Review Group to register your proposed topic. There are 53 Cochrane Review Groups, each taking editorial responsibility for a particular area of health care. Being part of a Cochrane Review Group provides the support, resources, and training to tackle a systematic review, and an international audience when your work is published in the Cochrane Library.

Write a summary

Cochrane Switzerland regularly publishes, in the three national languages, summaries of Cochrane reviews to facilitate the access of the users to their conclusions and results. See our publications for examples of this work. We have developed partnerships with three  medical education journals  to respond to the need of giving visibility to our evidence. Please contact us if you wish to contribute to this work.


Translation of its evidence is one of Cochrane’s priorities. Accessibility of information in national languages will facilitate uptake and use. Cochrane Switzerland works towards providing information in French, German and Italian. We also initiated Cochrane Kompakt which provides access to summaries of Cochrane Reviews in German. If you are interested in contributing to our translation efforts, please contact us.


Cochrane Switzerland depends on donations for its activities . We welcome any financial contribution as long as it does not represent a conflict of interest with our work.

Should you wish to find out more or how to be part of Cochrane, click here.