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Courses - 2020

Two workshops will be held in Lausanne during the week of 7-11 September:

Understanding systematic reviews – an introduction for health professionals - A one-day course
7  September 2020, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Course description and registration form (pdf here)

Meta-analysis: Advanced methods using the Stata software (EN) 
8 - 11 September 2020, Lausanne (Switzerland) 
Course description and registration form  (pdf here)

These workshops can be booked together or individually

Our courses upon request or tailored to your needs 
These courses can be tailored and adjusted to answer your specific needs.

  • Introduction to evidence-based medicine and healthcare
  • Introduction to systematic reviews
  • Use of the Cochrane Library : Free access to Cochrane reviews in Switzerland
  • Introduction to evidence-based medicine and healthcare : Specific course for journalists

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