Cochrane Switzerland provided tuition on systematic reviews during a course organised jointly by the IUMSP and WHO

IUMSP and Alliance HRP course: Improving implementation through systematic reviews and qualitative research

In collaboration with the WHO, the IUMSP (Institute of social and preventive medicine) organised jointly with the HRP Alliance (Human Reproduction Programme) a course on the improvement of implementation methods through systematic reviews and qualitative research. This course was specifically developed for young researchers in sexual and reproductive health coming from countries with no direct access to adequate training in this field. This course took place in Lausanne from 25 September to 6 October 2017, and was followed by 21 early-career researchers, from 17 low- or middle-income countries.
The first week of the course focused on quantitative research, systematic reviews and the Cochrane approach. Tuition was provided by Prof. Bernard Burnand, Dr Erik von Elm and Chantal Arditi from Cochrane Switzerland, as well as by Dr Jörg Meerpohl from
Cochrane Germany. The second week of the course, targeting qualitative research, was coordinated by Dr Brenda Spencer, IUMSP PD who provided tuition, in collaboration with other IUMSP and HUG colleagues. Several WHO colleagues also taught during the course.
Participants’ competences, their involvement and enthusiasm are promising for the development of appropriate projects targeting underprivileged populations.